I Can See You

by June

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released April 6, 2017



all rights reserved


June Plano, Texas

evan stack , the music maker

contact: kcatsnave@gmail.com

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Track Name: Flatline
ghost time
seek and
ye find

the spot
4th floor
don't bring
no more

get busy

our punch
is air
we do
not care

just do
not tell
we know
you well

Track Name: Blue Ink Smear
he read from
your keylocked diary

a blue ink smear
and several king james verses for thee

but on the last page
we found the ringing
that never left our ears

we hid it
in the trunk of the car

it just wept with lust
we didn't get very far

until it called to us
the cries of lonely ringing
that never left our ears

i can hear it in my fucking bedroom
Track Name: Saunter
i don't dream
i sleep

on nights
when scenes breathe

you don't care about me

i walk away

my brain saunters
towards me

you don't care about me

you have eyes to envision crimes?
you heave ears to incite the violence
well do ya?
yeah i'm just a docile "try me"
i get my kicks from throwing rocks at train cars
Track Name: Goodbye Space Cowboy (If You Had Come With Me)
you would love it
you'd be seasons
you'd be reasons
all about it

several steps
up and left
blood is on
the kitchen floor

you'd be speeding (screaming) past, of course
and i would have
my arm on yours

"see you cowboy"
you would say
i'd (you'd) be back
another day